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Zenonia 4 review

Zenonia is one of the best RPG's we've seen on the Android Market. Read on to find out our full views.

The fourth installment to the already sterling Zenonia series is an impressive specimen. From the get go you’ll recognise all the usual role playing game elements; including things such as gaining XP, random quests, and a thorough levelling up system.

You play as Regret who, along with several other party members you meet on your travels, attempts to rid the world of an ancient evil. As with any great RPG, you’d expect each character to bring something different to your team, and in nearly every case, this works well in Zenonia 4.

The sheer variety of armour, weapons and items allows you to customise your team till your hearts content, and we were surprised with the level of detail the game shows. This can also be said about the levelling system within Zenonia 4, it really is second to none.

You’ll find top-notch animations throughout the whole of your time with Zenonia, with characters, enemies and places all looking unique in their own way. If your device does start to lag at some point, you can lower the graphics quality in the options menu. The lower quality graphics do look a little rough around the edges, but don’t detract from the gameplay, or enjoyment of the game one bit.

After completing the lengthy single player campaign, you may decide to jump online and test your metal against other players. In the case of Zenonia 4, this comes in the form of 2-on-2 battles in which you team up with a similar skilled player to kill 2 opponents. There’s also a 1-on-1 mode, but it doesn’t have the same fun factor as the other mode.

If you’re on the lookout for a sprawling RPG with all the elements you would expect in a classic, with characters that are well thought out and offer something different, then Zenonia 4 is an essential game. For a free download, do yourself a favour and get lost in the world of Zenonia.