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Your Android Lollipop problems licked

From a severed Wi-Fi connection to disappearing Adobe Air apps, here are some of the biggest problems with Android 5.0 and how to fix them

Is Android 5.0 Lollipop giving your device the blues? Here’s how you can try to troubleshoot the issues while you’re waiting for Google to roll out a fix…

Severed Wi-fi connection

A lot of Nexus 5 users have reported troubles connecting to Wi-Fi since updating to Lollipop. Whatever your handset is, here’s what to do. Dive into the Settings for your device and choose to forget the Wi-Fi networks you’re connected to, then reconnect again from scratch. Uninstall any older apps that haven’t been updated for Lollipop and which might be causing problems. Switching wireless channels or rebooting your router might also help fix the issue.

Battery drain

If Lollipop has caused your battery to lose juice faster than ever, head to the Battery page of Settings to identify the apps that are causing the problem and uninstall or disable them if possible. As with Wi-Fi, older apps that haven’t yet had a Lollipop-ready update might be chewing up battery life unnecessarily. A factory reset might help clear up the issue if nothing else does.

Video playback problems

Those users with a Nexus 7 (2013) have experienced a bug where playback fails across all apps, effecting both those who have had over-the-air updates and flashed Android 5.0 themselves. No one has yet found a surefire fix for this, but you can try clearing the cache of the affected apps (through the Apps page in Settings) as well as disabling the NuPlayer option from the Developer Options page (tap the Build Number seven times in About Phone to reveal this option).

Crashing issues

Several users have reported the Some detective work may be required in order to identify the root cause of a performance issue or regular device crashes. Is one app or process primarily affected? If that’s the case, uninstall it and check with the developer for any Lollipop-related updates or patches.

Disappearing Adobe Air apps

One of the more bizarre Lollipop-related bugs has seen some Adobe Air apps throwing up error messages or disappearing altogether. Adobe has responded to acknowledge the problem, stating in a blogpost that it is working with Google on the problem, but unfortunately says there’s nothing you can do except sit tight and wait for a Lollipop update.

Learn more about Lollipop’s soured rollout and what this means for the future of stock Android in Android Magazine issue 46, on sale 24 December.