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XcodeGhost malware: Is your iPhone 6 in danger?

Apple has taken steps to remove all apps infected with the XcodeGhost malware from the Apple App Store.

Apple has taken steps to remove a range of malicious apps that have been infected with the XcodeGhost malware.

XcodeGhost is relatively new on the scene, but it’s believed that millions of iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and even older iPhone devices will be affected. The problem, however, shouldn’t be a factor for those who are waiting on their new iPhone 6S unit.

Angry Birds 2 is shown to be one of the more popular apps that has been infected, with the likes of WeChat and CamCard also noticeable additions to the XcodeGhost infected app list.

“This attack proves that companies are not taking security best practice seriously on mobile. Even more worryingly, despite hundreds of infected apps being submitted, Apple did not identify any of them in the review process,” said Codified Security founder, Martin Alderson.

iPhone users should make sure that any signs of these apps, as well as the apps listed below are completely removed from their device.

  • Mercury
  • WinZip
  • Angry Birds 2
  • PDFReader
  • Perfect365
  • PDFReader Free
  • WhiteTile
  • IHexin
  • WinZip Standard
  • MoreLikers2
  • CamScanner Lite
  • MobileTicket
  • iVMS-4500
  • OPlayer Lite
  • QYER
  • golfsense
  • ting
  • installer
  • golfsensehd
  • Wallpapers10000
  • CSMBP-AppStore
  • MSL108
  • snapgrab copy
  • iOBD2
  • PocketScanner
  • CuteCUT
  • AmHexinForPad
  • SuperJewelsQuest2
  • air2
  • InstaFollower
  • CamScanner Pro
  • baba
  • WeLoop
  • DataMonitor
  • MSL070
  • nice dev
  • immtdchs
  • OPlayer
  • FlappyCircle
  • SaveSnap
  • WeChat
  • Guitar Master
  • jin
  • WinZip Sector
  • Quick Save
  • CamCard