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WWDC Live Blog

WWDC has now moved onto the iPhone. Showing a video of some of the many success stories from the App Store. Its incredible to think that over a billion apps have been downloaded in less than a year…

iPhone OS 3.0 is a massive update with over 100 new features. Now demoing Cut, Copy and Paste.

Now MMS and search. You will be able to search calendars, notes, emails and apps, as well as contacts.

Now iTunes. You can rent and purchase movies from within the iTunes app. Great news.

Parental controls have been updated too.

Tethering. Much anticipated. – And not a moment too soon. Works over USB and Bluetooth. All works seamlessly, no need for a seperate app.

iPhone 3.0 will run 3x faster than the old OS.

Autofill will now be present in Safari on the new OS.

Find my iPhone! Mobile Me customers who lose their phones can log in and find their phones. The phone will bleep so you can find it if its in the house. You can also use a remote wipe to delete all your sensitive data. You can then back up from a saved backup on your computer.

Now talking about the 1,000 or so new API’s for developers in the OS.

Gameloft now demoing new version of Asphalt version 5!

Tom Tom is now up. Again something that people have been wanting since day one. Not only will it do the expected turn by turn but will also have device integration.

iPhone 3.0 will be free for iPhone users a paid update for iPod touches. Available June 17th.

All new iPhone. iPhone 3GS! No front facing camera. Outside is the same but all the internal elements are new. New camera. 3.0 megapixel auto focus camera. Tap to focus. Very cool.

New camera also captures video! And you can edit. And you can share it, even with MMS as well as Mobile Me and YouTube.

Voice control is also included. Can do calls and even pull up iTunes. You can even ask the iPhone what’s playing. Genius playlist. Just tell your iPhone play more tunes by…

Digital compass. Brilliant!

Nike plus support added.

Improved battery life. 9 Hours web browsing on Wifi. 10 hours video, 20 hours video, 5 hours 3G talk time.

Available in 16 and 32GB flavours $199 for 16, 32GB is $299. In Shops June 19th