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World of Goo review

Exploring a world filled with goo in this unique take on a strategy game. Read on to find out our views on the World of Goo.

Although Android users have only just been able to get their hands on World of Goo, but the game itself has been made available for other platforms for a while now. Luckily for us, World of Goo is a polished and refined game with a lot going for it, and one we’re pleased we’ve had the chance to review.

You take control over the several blobs of goo, which need to make it to a suction pipe at the end of the level, allowing them to be sucked up and collected. During each level you must build towers, bridges and various other constructions with your blobs to safely traverse any obstacles in front of you. These obstacles range from gates, cliffs and spikes.

One of the clever things about the game is that you have to use a fair amount of strategy to complete each level. Although it may seem like a good idea to build a tower straight up, it can become top heavy and will collapse. Meaning you need to figure a strategy so the tower won’t collapse. Secondly, you’re only given a certain amount of blobs, and every move you make, takes away one of them away. If you don’t reach the end of the level with enough blobs intact, you’ll fail the level, and will need to restart from scratch.

World of Goo is a large game, and there are numerous worlds to complete and get through. Each one of these worlds has a different theme, and they progressively get harder. There are plenty of different types of blobs, and each have their own uses, all of which look brilliant with the cutesy graphics which compliment the game brilliantly. We really enjoyed our time with World of Goo, and it’s by far one of the most creative and fun games we’ve had the experience of playing.