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World of Animals released onto iPad and iPhone

Download the amazing new World of Animals app now and find out which is the only mammal known to use electrolocation to find its prey, along with many more incredibly facts

Grab your copy of World of Animals today
Grab your copy of World of Animals today


World of Animals, 1 50 Most Endangered and what we're doing to save them
brand new World of Animals magazine is now available for iPhone and iPad via Apple’s iOS App Store, and in all good shops and supermarkets. You can grab the app for free, then buy individual issues or a monthly subscription inside. Packed with amazing facts about the Earth’s most incredible creatures and ideal for the whole family, this magazine is the perfect companion whether you buy through iTunes or get it from the shelves of stores like Tesco or WH Smith.

If you’ve ever wondered about the real difference between a Leopard and a Snow Leopard (and for once we’re not talking about the Mac operating systems), or wanted to know just how many species the rainforest contains, this is the magazine for you. Every month you will be inspired by the stunning photography and beautiful illustrations, and get caught up in captivating stories and astonishing facts. Did you know that Elephants suffer from sunburn, or that the Nectar-Sipping Bat has a tongue up to 150% longer than its body? We certainly didn’t.

Inside the digital edition of the magazine you’ll get a free sample issue, and a beautiful user interface. We spoke to the creators of the app to get some background on just what makes it so good; check it out here. And, if you want to try out the app for yourself, check it out here.

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