Competition: Win Raspberry Pi Upgrades

Breakout boards, cases, a DAC, display module and more to be won!

Pi Supply


This month we teamed up with Pi Supply to show you some of the best Raspberry Pi upgrades available today – you can find them all in the new issue, out now.

Pi Supply have very kindly donated some of their most popular add-ons for a giveaway, described below, and you can be in with a chance of winning one by entering this competition. Each winner and their prize will be randomly selected at the beginning of August.

How many AI personalities does Anki Overdrive support?


The Prizes

  • Short Crust Plus – we have two excellent Pi cases to give away, one in white and one in smoke
  • PaPiRus – a new, super-low power ePaper display module made to the HAT specification
  • Fish Dish – a mini breakout in the shape of a three-eyed fish, this comes with three LEDs, a buzzer and a switch, with a 2 x 13 stacking header that sits on top of the GPIO pins
  • Pi Supply Switch – Pi Supply’s first product, this provides a simple button for powering your Pi up and down
  • Gert VGA 666 – driving a VGA connection over your GPIO pins, the Gert works alongside the HDMI and so enables you to use a dual-screen setup
  • Bright Pi – for use with the Raspberry Pi or Pi NoIR camera modules, Bright Pi provides bright white or infrafred illumination for projects requiring light
  • Pi Crust – a compact, versatile breakout, the Pi Crust is made to facilitate electronics and is fully open source hardware
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ – a high-resolution digital-to-audio converter, the HiFiBerry is a must for any audio-based project