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Win Anki Overdrive Supertrucks

Make your inner child squeal with this robotic racing set

Things have moved on along way from that Scalextric set you had as a kid. Anki Overdrive’s racing cars are remote controlled by your smartphone, but they use AI to make sure they stay on the track, leaving you to concentrate on beating your opponent. You can do this by overtaking them or blasting them with virtual weapons, including a railgun and mines that explode after a set time.

Because you’re playing with some seriously clever toys, you don’t just have to duel friends – you can also race one of 25 different AI opponents (though the track only supports four at a time). The better you play, the better these robotic racers become and regular software updates add new features to the game all the time. You can also reassemble and extend the modular track into any shape you like, adding corners, ramps, jumps and more, to vary up the gameplay.

While the Overdrive Starter Kit has been around for a little while, Anki have now added two more battle-racers to the fray in the form of supertrucks. Almost three times the size of Anki’s supercars, with weapons that can physically blast opponents off the track, these robotic rigs pit size and strength against speed and agility. The supertrucks also have their own game mode called Takeover, which allows any racer that can break through the lorry’s defences to take command of it and wreak havoc on their opponents’ supercars.

For your chance to win an Anki Overdrive Starter Kit, including two robotic supercars and a 12-piece track, plus a supertruck, answer the below question. The competiton closes 6 April 2017.

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