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Competition: Win a FUZE

5 FUZE workstations are up for grabs in our FUZE BASIC coding challenge – submit your project for a chance to win!



A modern-day mash-up of the Raspberry Pi and the classic BBC Micro, the FUZE is a programmable computer and electronics workstation designed to teach users how to program hardware and software. There’s also space for breakout boards to be added to the FUZE IO board, which makes it easier to work with the Pi’s GPIO ports. The FUZE comes with FUZE BASIC, Python and Scratch pre-installed, plus PDF project cards to get you started.

The Prizes

FUZE T2-RWe’re giving away five of these amazing FUZE workstations:

 • 1st Prize: FUZE T2-R, with robot arm
 • 2nd Prize: FUZE T2-A
 • 3 x Runner-up Prizes: FUZE T2-C

For a chance to win one, have a go at our FUZE challenge!

The Challenge

We want you to make something really cool using FUZE BASIC. This can be anything you like – the only limit is your imagination!

You could, for example, make a program to draw a Mandelbrot Set. You could take advantage of the FUZE’s audio jack and create a music player, or a piano simulator. You could even code your own version of Conway’s Game of Life. And what about games for fun? You could write your own text adventure or re-create an arcade classic, for example, or you could break out the breadboard and make a memory or reaction game using LEDs.

There are some brilliant resources on the FUZE website to help you out, including project cards to get people new to BASIC up and running:

All submissions are welcome and will be judged by a panel from the FUZE team. Prizes will then be awarded to the entrants with the most creative projects.

This competition will close on 31st December, and the winners will be announced in the new year.

What you need to do

1) Go to and click the ‘Get FUZE BASIC’ tab. (You will need to create an account for the FUZE website.)

2) Download and install FUZE BASIC.

3) Write a creative program using FUZE BASIC.

4) Send the following to

  • FUZE BASIC project files
  • Short description of your project
  • Screenshot or photo of your project in action

We’ll be posting submitted projects here, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks to see what everyone else is up to. And most importantly, have fun!

Here are a couple of videos to give you a taste of FUZE BASIC while you wait for it to download…

• Project cards:
• Robot arm control:
• FUZE BASIC games: