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Win a FUZE Special Edition

Styled like the classic BBC Micro and packing a robotic arm kit, the FUZE Special Edition is an excellent platform for learning programming and electronics




With decidedly retro roots, the award-winning FUZE is a programmable computer and electronics workstation. Born out of a passion for programming and love of electronics, the solid aluminium case features an integrated keyboard, a specially designed GPIO header and a breadboard for simple electronics. Housing the Raspberry Pi safely below the keyboard, the FUZE comes complete with FUZE BASIC already installed.

FUZE BASIC is an advanced, modernised version of the BASIC programming language, which was first developed at Dartmouth College back in 1964 and is widely accepted as the easiest beginner language to teach and learn. Featuring a redesigned interface and advanced graphics support, including sprite and image scaling, angle and alpha controls and rotation, FUZE BASIC is fully configured to run with all models of the Raspberry Pi. The whole FUZE system is slick and intuitive, and more than capable of programming web and mobile games.

The FUZE Special Edition T2-SE-R pays tribute to home computers of the 1980s like the BBC Micro, and comes complete with a robotic arm kit to integrate with your projects. The FUZE Special Edition also provides you with a projects pack and directs you to plenty of online resources at the FUZE Lair, giving you everything you need to get started. For more information, head over to

To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer the following question:

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This competition closes on 10th February 2016.

Raspberry Pi Robot Arm