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Why You Don’t Want An iPhone 7 Without A Headphone Jack

The current rumours circulating the web state that Apple designers are considering replacing the much-loved and oft-used 3.5mm headphone jack with an all-in-one lightning connector for anyone that wants to use a wired connection to listen to their devices.

This isn’t a new thing for Apple – they’ve reportedly dabbled in Lightning connector-based audio before, but the whole thought process behind it just makes us a little… dubious.

Firstly, scrapping the 3.5mm jack would only thin the device by ~1mm (a shrinkage that could also inhibit the batteries Apple is able to use in future devices). Is it worth getting rid of such a handy jack for the sake of the space a coin would take up in your pocket?

Secondly, scrapping the jack would mean we’d have to use either Bluetooth headsets – which take their toll on already flimsy battery life – or  proprietary Apple headsets. Considering the quality and expense of Apple’s own headsets thus far, that’s a concept that doesn’t fill us with confidence.

Of course, there are already manufacturers out there that create headphones that you can plug into Lightning ports, but largely they cost more, are harder to get hold of and can be used only with Apple devices.


Obviously, this is all based on hearsay and should be taken with the same sceptical edge it’s been written, but since Apple is one of the most unpredictable and confident tech manufacturers out there, we wouldn’t be surprised if it tries to force this kind of unwanted revelation through the front lines of the tech world when the iPhone 7 finally gets announced.