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Why the Samsung Galaxy S3 might put the first nail in the iPhone’s coffin

Can Samsung's Galaxy S III convert some of the Apple faithful?

Thursday is a big day for the Android universe. After months of speculation Samsung’s new flagship device will be announced, and the world will rejoice. There are only a handful of confirmed specs and design leaks at the moment, and with more rumours showing their head every day, Samsung have done a decent enough job to keep things under wraps, sort of.

The hype around the Galaxy S III is some, if not the most, euphoric I’ve seen during my time working with Android devices. Sure, the Nexus and One X had a fair few people chatting, but nothing on the level that we’ve seen for the upcoming S3. A combination of the aforementioned, and the fact that what has already been confirmed for the S3, will in my mind start to consolidate Samsung’s constant rise in the smartphone industry.

Recent news of Samsung’s rise above Nokia to become the world’s biggest phone manufacturer wasn’t a surprise to a lot of people, and no small thanks to Nokia’s stuttering progress in the past couple of years. A combination of lasting devices, quick OS updates (for the most part), and substantial marketing has put Samsung at the top of the Android pyramid.

The increasing argument against the fragmentation of Android has been something that Samsung have indeed taken onboard, and have really pinpointed their efforts with their Galaxy series. Each recent addition to the Galaxy range has added something new and exciting.

The S2 took the big screen to the bright lights, offering both style and substance. The Galaxy Note split opinions, but with its 5.3″ display, it certainly got people talking. And finally the Galaxy Nexus pioneered Ice Cream Sandwich for the masses, and soon became a developer’s best friend. If the S3 can follow along these lines, and try something a bit edgy, we’re in for a treat.

So who will be Samsung’s biggest competitors in the next year or so? Why, Apple of course. Apple’s iPhone series certainly has a following, and in terms of robustness and design, you can’t fault the iPhone. What does seem to be happening more frequently is by the time Apple have released their next iPhone installment, several Android manufacturers seem to be two steps ahead with their specs.

Some will argue that the constant updates to Android devices make certain phones out of date within a few months, but it also empowers the consumer for choice. I for one appreciate the fact that each Android manufacturer is constantly trying to outdo one another, and even more so if it gives me more choice.

Samsung have certainly blurred the lines between fragmenting their range, while also polarizing their efforts with their semi-frequent releases. If Samsung can deliver with the S3, while also reducing the price of the Note and Nexus, there’s no reason why Android won’t grow even further, and you can be assured that Apple followers will soon be dipping a toe into the green-tinted dark side.