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Wait 6 months to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6, say experts

You could save up to £150 on Samsung's next flagship if you wait until September

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Using cost analysis of the last four Samsung Galaxy models, price comparison website Idealo has worked out that waiting just six months could save you money.

It is predicted that the Galaxy S6, which will launch on 1 March, could drop by as much as 28 per cent by 1 September. With some smartphone sites suggesting the Galaxy S6 could be price in the region of €749 (£565) for the 32GB SIM-free version, this could save you could around £150.

This estimation is based on the price drops of the Samsung Galaxy family from 2 to 5. The model is predicting a bigger drop than any other Galaxy phone, due to the trend of dropping prices. After six months, the S3 was 77 per cent of its original price and the S4 and S5 dropped to around 73 per cent. This has led idealo to predict that the S6 will depreciate to 72 per cent of its original value by the start of September.

The only anomaly was the S2, whose price dropped around a per cent more than the S3. The biggest price drop of any Galaxy phone was the S4, when it plummeted 11 per cent in just one month before stabilising.

Would you be prepared to wait six months to save around £150? Comment  below and let us know.

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