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What we like and dislike about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For some, christmas has come early with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the early hours of the morning here in the UK. We've watched the videos, we've read the specifications, and yes, we are genuinely VERY excited. However, it isn't all plain sailing, there are one or

The things we like..

1. Android 4.0

As well as the announcement of the new Nexus, we were also treated to a look at the new Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich for the more avid-follower, and yes, it seems like a fantastic update. The user interface has been given a complete overhaul, and several new features have been introduced. For one, Ice Cream Sandwich will use a face recognition system to unlock your phone, as well as include Android Beam, a feature which enables you to share webpages and apps quickly and efficiently. Best of all, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the first device to get Android 4.0.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ design

If you have small hands, or detest massive screens, well the Galaxy Nexus probably isn’t for you. The Galaxy Nexus boasts a mammoth 4.65 inch screen, running a 1280×720 resolution, lovely. For those who have had the pleasure of using either the Samsung Nexus S or the Galaxy SII, you might see a few familiarities with the design, but not many. The new Galaxy Nexus uses a buttonless display, and will be a much more curved device than its predecessors.

3. The processor

We are also liking the look of the 1.2GHz Texus Instruments OMAP4460 processor on-board the Galaxy Nexus. For those wondering, yes, it is a similar processor to the one we were greeted with when using the Galaxy SII. For the amount of features set to be included in the device, as well as the size of the thing, we are a little sceptical whether the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be able to handle all of the tasks that will be asked of it, hopefully it can.

Things we aren’t so keen on..

1. The price

Brace yourself. We all knew that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be a massive hit, and would probably would have a price-tag to go with it. Phones4u were the first company to release their pricing plan for the device, at a whopping £46 per month. Guess its time to empty out those wallets!

2. The camera

Now we know that the more megapixels you have, doesn’t necessarily mean better quality pictures. But, we can’t help being a little disappointed that we’re only going to see the Galaxy Nexus sport a 5-megapixel camera. At least users will be able to capture 1080p video, which should look fantastic on the behemoth screen!

Overall, we are still really excited about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It will be great to get hands-on with Samsung’s next generation device, and also have the chance to give Android 4.0 a whirl.