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What to expect from the iPad Pro

Everything we know about the much-rumoured 12-inch iPad set for release in 2015

iPad Mini 3

As always, Apple has been tight-lipped on any plans for a larger iPad, but that hasn’t stopped numerous leaks appearing all over the web. While some claims are seemingly ludicrous, some could actually be viable. Here’s our round-up of what we expect from the iPad Pro.

1. Will it be named the iPad Pro?

It seems Apple will go in one of two directions with the new iPad. In one instance it’s plausible that we will see it named the iPad Pro, while some believe that it’ll adopt the Air name and will go by the iPad Air Plus.

2. It’s going to be massive

With Apple catering for most device sizes, expect the new iPad to be big. Early estimations reckon we can expect to see Apple release a 12-inch tablet, but there’s a small possibility it could be even bigger than that.

3. The emergence of 4GB RAM

For those wanting some serious power from the new iPad, you’ll be pleased to hear that it could be one of the first devices to sport 4GB of RAM. This added power should help the tablet blast through any task you throw at it.

4. Expect a release in 2015

The current rumoured release for the iPad Pro is in June. Again, nothing has been confirmed by Apple. Keep a lookout for an Apple event around that time!


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