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What to expect from Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2 will be with us next year, but what can we expect from it?

Google Glass has had decidedly mixed reviews since it’s launch earlier this year. Some say the eyewear is a vision into the future (no pun intended), while others say it’s nothing more than a gimmick. With a pair of the spectacles still costing £1000 from the Play store, Glass are far from a cheap investment, but that hasn’t stopped Google from being ready to soon launch the second version of the eyewear. Here’s just some of what you can possible expect.

Powered by Intel

Intel has recently been in the media discussing a tiny new x86 processor named Quark. The processor is built for smaller devices, and we’re led to believe it’s going to be the new processor found within Google Glass 2.

New designs

One of the best things about the original Google Glass was the wide array of styles and designs that users could choose from. It’s expected that Google will be partnering with various design houses to produce a new set of colourful specs.

Cheaper price

The £1000 price tag didn’t sell with many users, so it’s widely believed that Google Glass 2 will be available for a more consumer-friendly price. That’s not to say it’ll be cheap, but should be available for less than £500.

Deeper phone and wearable integration

Now that Android Wear is a major part of Google’s wearable ambitions, it seems obvious that there will be vastly more integration between your watch and eyewear. Could we see Google release their own smartwatch as well? Possibly.

To keep up to date with the latest developments in Google Glass, make sure to grab a copy of Android Magazine.