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What do we know about the iPhone 7?

Apple's new smartphone isn't too far away, but what we can expect from it?

We’ve only just finished filtering through all the announcements that arrived at Apple’s recent March keynote, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about what we could see in the upcoming iPhone 7. We’ve put together some of the best theories together to determine what we can expect to see in the next iteration of the iPhone. Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see included.

1. There could be a pink variant

Apple is reportedly considering launching a pink variation of their upcoming handset. Although we did see a pink iPhone 5C, it’ll be the first time a bright colour has really been considered for their flagship device.

2. Force Touch will make an appearance

One of the most impressive features announced for the Apple Watch was Force Touch, which can detect how light or how hard a user is pressing on the display. Incorporating this into the iPhone 7 wouldn’t prove to be a massive task, but could open itself up to a whole new way of interacting with your device. apple-iphone-6-plus-gold-gallery-img-1-bp3-011215

3. It’ll launch alongside the iPhone 6S

The jury is well and truly out on this one. The iPhone 6S is heavily rumoured to be a slightly smaller iPhone, with the iPhone 7 being the larger device in the same vein as the iPhone 6 Plus.

4. It’ll have a DSLR-quality camera

A lot has been said about the camera quality on the iPhone 6, and the release of the iPhone 7 could see the biggest improvement in mobile photography for sometime. Chances are we’ll see a dual-lens included with a ton of new features to explore; including adding an optical zoom function.

5. Expect it to be released in September

Apple are very monotonous when it comes to announcing and releasing their devices. You can fully expect it to be announced late July/early August and then released the following month.