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What can we learn from Bloggers about ‘online success’?

What are the key motivators and tactics for a killer blog?


A new study of 120 UK bloggers commissioned by web host 1&1 has revealed the key motivators and tactics for bloggers. Sharing their motivations, experiences online and advice to SMBs on how to build up a popular and engaging website, the research provides sound advice for all of us looking to take our website forward.

Improving the quality of content was offered as the most powerful tactic for success. A strong theme evident throughout the findings, 71 per cent of UK bloggers recommend better content and guest content (32 per cent) as top strategies for increasing the overall popularity of their blog. This was followed closely by social media sharing (38 per cent), and better images (24 per cent – all factors that have also been known to increase search engine rankings for business websites and blogs.

When asked to define the factors for motivations, 60 per cent agreed raising the profile of a cause, and providing information that is unique or crucial. Every website owner can use such lessons to focus on their passion and core mission. Does your audience know what you do best and is that evident from your homepage? Feedback and endorsements proved to be more valuable currency for bloggers than money. For websites focused on sales, always encourage your website visitors to leave comments, integrate social media and customer review comments within your web pages.

Finally, when asked the main influences that ultimately define a successful blog, the findings showed that UK bloggers view online success most in terms of their own entertainment and a passion for their subject. Among the advice was a common thread – “be honest, and true to your subject”.

We would all be wise to have a back to basics approach to how to help and support their online audience. Your personal entertainment, social media activity and educating your audience are just some of the top drivers for a successful website – which is something all website owners can learn from.