What can we expect from Apple’s 9th of September event?

It's almost time for Apple to let loose on their plans for the upcoming months.

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It’s the time of the year again when everyone straps themselves in and awaits to see what Apple’s plans are heading into a new year. There’s a lot of speculation of what Apple will unveil, but here’s what expect to see at Apple’s event on the 9th of September.

iPhone 6S

A new iPhone is definitely on the cards and all signs point to it being called the iPhone 6S. It’s going to include an improved 12-megapixel camera, full Force Touch functionality and 4K video recording.

Apple TV

While it’s expected that Apple’s live TV plans are currently on hold, a new Apple TV box could definitely be announced at the event. Expect a much sleeker design, a faster processor and perhaps even a cheaper price point.

watch OS2

A lot has already been said about what we can expect to see from watch OS2, but it’s relatively unknown if we can expect it to play a massive role at Apple’s upcoming event. A new Apple Watch may also be introduced at the same time.