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Want to listen to Spotify but don’t have your Mac or iPhone?

There's a solution for that, thanks to those purveyors of high-quality, audio accessories, Denon, and their awesome AV receivers.


It’s no big secret that we’re a huge fan of Denon’s awesome headphones, but given the choice between our iPhone or Mac and one of their own AV Receivers to play music, we’ve always been pretty sure where our loyalties lie, until now. Thanks to a partnership with music streaming service Spotify, Denon are now offering their entire library through their own home audio systems.

It’s an exciting prospect when you start to think about the times when you really want to listen to your favourite place but your phone is on charge and your Mac is being used by someone else. It’s not the most  common situation, but at least sitting in silence is no longer the solution.

Achim Schulz, Product Marketing Manager Denon Europe said: “Already today, millions of users are listening to their favourite tracks on their PC through Spotify. From now on, they will also be able to enjoy this huge music library through our new Denon AV receivers bringing their home entertainment experience to a new level”.

It’s not quite clear how direct access to Spotify’s library will work through Denon’s systems just yet, and it’s no secret that picking one up will mean a hit on the wallet, but if you really want to extend your Spotify experience far beyond your Mac, iPhone and iPad, this is undoubtedly the way to go.