Wallpaper Wednesday: iOS 7’s last hurrah

Head inside to grab an exclusive wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad and Mac with the soon-to-be-outdated iOS 7 logo.

As it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d put together a wallpaper for you all to enjoy. And, with the announcement of iOS 8 on the horizon at WWDC in June, this iOS 7 logo serves as a great way to show your appreciation for the operating system before it goes out of date in a few months time.

This wallpaper took a little while to create, but the process was faster because I originally made the iOS 7 symbol in June 2013. Let me tell you, the gradients are a bitch, but the results are pretty good.

Grab the wallpaper below; its in formats for Mac and iOS, and it’s super-high resolution so it should look great on your Retina display. Enjoy!

iOS 7 Wallpaper Mac

iOS 7 Wallpaper iPadiOS 7 Wallpaper iPhone