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Virgin announces new 4K TV Box

New media store, Kids app and Tablet device also unveiled

Today, Virgin has announced a host of new products and apps, alongside detailing new improvements to its TV Anywhere app.


The company kicked off its London event with the Virgin V6 box. The new device half the size of its existing TiVo box but is ten times faster, 4K and HDR ready as well as boasting 1TB of storage, which allows 100 hours of HD recoding. The V6 box can record up to six programmes at once and these recordings can be streamed to any TiVo box in your house or you can download them to your mobile device. For those of you currently with a TiVo box and are worrying about backwards-compatibility, fear not: the V6 is compatible with older boxes, so you can transfer downloads from one box to the other. You TV shows can be streamed through Virgin’s updated TV Anywhere app and you can watch content on one device, pause it and walk to another room and resume your film of TV programme at the point you left off using a different TV and box. The app can also be used to control the V6; all you need to do is select the content you wish to view on the app and it will streamed straight to your box.
The V6 will be available to Virgin Media customers at the end of the year for £100.


Virgin also unveiled the TellyTablet, a mobile device built for watching TV around the house. The Android-powered tablet had a 14-inch HD screen, built-in stand, eight hours of battery life, 32GB of memory which can be upgraded with the microSD slot and two USB ports. For a device that is meant to be for purely watching TV and films, at 156ppi the TellyTablet’s resolution is rather lacklustre given that other tablets such as the iPad’s retina display has 246ppi.
The TV will be released in December 2016 and will cost £299.



The company also iterated that it will also be launching the Virgin TV Kids app in February 2017 – targeted at children up to the age of six. It has over 1,500 hours of TV shows available, as well as games and picture books to keep them entertained with no ads or in-app purchases. Kids generally love to rewatch the same shows over and over again, and Virgin has catered for this, with an in-app button which will play the same show five times.


Lastly unveiled was the Virgin Media Store app. Here, users can buy films and TV box sets digitally, this content can be streamed or downloaded to mobile devices or TiVo boxes. What sets it apart from other services is when you order a films, a DVD copy is posted to your house so you get both the digital and physical copy. Virgin’s Media Store app will go live February 2017.

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