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Viddy app review

Capture, beautify, and share video from your phone with Viddy, a brilliant new app for Android

Social media has exploded in recent years. There are plenty of fantastic apps out there that let you follow your friends on websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Android users have reason to celebrate – until recently they’ve been left out in the cold, while iOS users have been enjoying Viddy for months. Viddy takes social networking to an all-new level.

What makes Viddy so amazing? Billed as the Instagram of video, Viddy is an easy way to capture, beautify, and share video from your phone. Transform every moment into a trademark “Viddy Moment” with this brilliant app. Turn your dull videos into wonderful movies with Viddy for Android. Whether it’s a stroll at the beach, a high stakes football match or an epic concert, Viddy Moments are everywhere and prime for sharing.

With 40 million users, Viddy is already a hit with iOS users worldwide. This isn’t just a rehash of its iOS version – App developer Viddy built the app from the ground up to make it works seamlessly with Android devices. Viddy is compatible with just about every Android device out there.

As long as you’re running Ice Cream Sandwich OS and above, the app should work flawlessly. Viddy can be enjoyed by an impressive 757 Android devices across 136 countries in 16 different languages. However, Viddy did miss the mark on a few notable smartphones, including Motorola Droid RAZR or Sony Xperia P.

Viddy isn’t simply a video sharing app. Dress your videos up with 10 new video effects. Video effects include vintage to futuristic – no two videos are guaranteed to look alike. You can also add music with 16 snazzy soundtracks. Best of all you can seamlessly share your “Viddy Moments” with all your followers of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube with one-touch sharing. You can even include hashtags and share your videos via email and SMS. You can comment and view the Viddys of your friends in an instant.

To harness the full power of Viddy, you’ll need a 4G Android device. A couple years ago 4G devices were a rarity, but now that 4G devices have exploded in popularity it’s Viddy’s moment to shine. If you don’t have a 4G device, watch out! You’ll need to be patient while your video processes (although you can run Viddy in the background while you use other apps). You’ll also have to watch your phone’s data cap – if you’re not on an unlimited plan you could easily use up your phone’s data.

How does YouTube, a website synonymous with video sharing, fit into the equation? Android users can already share videos seamlessly for the world to see through YouTube. Video sharing takes places with no hiccups thanks to full integration with Android iOSs. No muss, no fuss – no need to worry about hardware compatibility issues. One area Viddy has the leg up is video sharing. While YouTube simply lets you follow feeds, similar to Twitter, Viddy offers a more organic experience and lets you follow what’s trending worldwide.