VIA reveals Rasberry Pi competitor running Android

VIA has announced a new ARM-based SoC board for $49 that seems to be aimed directly at the Raspberry Pi market

Display Serial Interconnect (DSI) and MIPI camera connectors are present, but not yet supported by software

Chip maker VIA as unveiled a competitor to the Raspberry Pi, an ARM-based System-on-a-Chip running Android that will cost only $49 USD (£31 GBP). Similar to the RasPi, it’s built on ARM11 architecture, however the board itself I somewhat larger, with a Neo-ITX form factor that is about twice the size.

The APC has a bit more power – first of all it has double the RAM at 512 MB, and it has a CPU that clocks slightly better at 800 MHz. As the board is much bigger, it also allows it to have a lot more ports, adding more USBs, a VGA connector, and a microSD slot replacing the full SD slot on the RasPi. It also has onboard storage of 2 GB.

While this may sound exciting to some, it will be running Android 2.3. The current sweet spot for Android devices right now is 1 GB of RAM, and the processor may affect performance as well. At the very least it will good for some development and media playback, but for now it’s not a true competitor to the RasPi.

You can check the VIA website for more details.