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Vala, Jim Zemlin, micro:bit and more in issue #158

Take a look inside this month’s Linux User & Developer

Linux User & Developer #158

Your brand new issue of Linux User & Developer hits the shelves and our online store today – in case you haven’t got your copy early (one of the perks of subscribing), here’s a little taste of what’s in store for you this month:

Code GNOME software

This month’s lead feature tackles Vala, the programming language created to make life easier for GNOME developers. Get to grips with this powerful C dialect and you’ll be building Gtk-based software in no time.

The future is open source

Jim Zemlin explains the value of collaborative development and why the future of technology is in open source, taking us through the FOSSology, OpenChain and Real-Time Linux announcements, as well as the new report showing that the Foundation’s Collaborative Projects are worth over $5 billion.

Making the micro:bit

Element 14’s Richard Curtin speaks about the making of the micro:bit, describing the development of this 21st Century BBC Micro and laying out the roadmap for its free deployment to 1 million UK secondary school students.

We’ve packed the tutorials section full to the brim, too – and we’re introducing two new series from Mihalis Tsoukalos that will take us through the worlds of systems programming and computer science. Over in the Pi section we’re showing you how to hack your TV, set up the official new display and more. And if you’re thinking of buying a new laptop this Christmas, check out Gareth Halfacree’s review of the new HP 255 G3.

Enjoy the issue!