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V-Moda XS Review: small size, great sound

Performance and practicality, this small set of on-ear V-MODA headphones has it all


Compatibility • iPhone • Mac • iPod

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Price: £125/$212

V-Moda has built itself a reputation for delivering a ‘modern audiophile’ sound at an affordable price over the years, and its latest set of cans doesn’t disappoint. The V-Moda XS essentially takes the well-loved Crossfade M-80 and improves upon on it in all of the areas that count. Honestly, we’re impressed to see V-Moda’s signature sound – clear range with a delicious bass kick – packed into such a rugged, not to mention portable, package.

Surprising nobody, the XS delivers great audio performance across the board. V-Moda packed the XS with 40mm drivers, delivering a mid-range that’s clear and well balanced, without sacrificing the pulse of treble. Of course, a good set of headphones wouldn’t be anything without the capacity to deliver a thundering rush of bass, and the XS performs admirably across a range of music genres. From thumping jungle to ferocious rock, the XS continued to impress regardless of what we threw at it. We were also incredibly happy to see the balance hold its clarity even as we extended volumes to deafening levels. The bass remains tight and deep, the midrange never gets lost under bloated booming. Basically, you couldn’t ask for anything more at this kind of price range.

One area V-Moda still needs to conquer is noise isolation; it’s only moderate, blocking out only a decent amount of external noise. This problem disappears when you pump up the volume, of course, but we found a surprising amount of sound bleeding out.

Aesthetically, we love the look of the XS. Not only is the headset comfortable to wear, fitting snugly over the ears (but never too tight, even after extended use) and incredibly light, but the earpieces also fold up into the headband, ensuring maximum portability.


When it comes down to quality headphones past the £100 mark, there are some obvious alternatives – the Sennheiser Momentum or Crossfade M-80 spring to mind immediately – but the V-Moda XS is the complete package. The sound is great, they feel great to wear and perform admirably across a huge range of music genres.

The V-Moda XS headphones are a music lover’s dream.

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Pros Audiophile quality audio at an affordable price

Cons Noise isolation and bleed isn’t great for offices or commutes

Orange 5 Stars