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ustwo™ and Mobiento collaborate to create amazing H&M App

Get shopping on your iPhone with this very slick app...

Our very good friends over at the Studio of Dreams (ustwo™) have been locked away for the last few months creating a brand new iPhone app for fashion giant H&M. This new localised app offers a range of functionality for H&M customers throughout the world. With a rich, feature-filled user experience the app has been designed and developed to engage consumers and offer localised and relevant news and promotional incentives.

The app delivers the most up to date online content and stands apart from the competition on the App Store. The H&M Home Screen is a 3D fashion gallery-like interface that allows users to swipe through campaigns and access further areas of the application. Users can check out the latest styles & fashion videos and browse the selection of garments in each of the campaigns. “My Wishlist” allows users to save and share their favourite garments with their friends via Facebook or e-mail.

Other notable features include:
• Store locator including search based on positioning
• My H&M featuring “My Wishlist ” and offers
• Sharing functionality via Facebook and email
• In Stores Now
• Fashion News, updated every week with localised content
• Fashion Video
• Sign Up to receive first access to special offers and announcements

Fredrik Oscarson, co-founder and creative director of Mobiento, said: “It is an app that will be truly useful for H&M’s customers who can use it every day for inspiration, to plan shopping or to share styles with friends via social medias. Our aim was also to give users a great experience in terms of design, look and feel and I believe we managed to do just that!”

John Sinclair, co-founder of ustwo™, adds: “H&M’s brand power and its early adopter status in terms of embracing marketing initiatives and technology, means that this app will be in the hands of users throughout the world.  We look forward to implementing new features to keep the app relevant and highly useful for all.”

– Having just spent some time using the app, its clear that this could well be the future of shopping. The slick interface invites exploration, regardless of overwhelming interest in fashion. For those who really are keen on looking their best, then this app will no doubt become an essential part of the shopping ritual. The localisation adds significantly to the relevance of the app. It may sound like a no-brainer, but making sure that customers can actually buy the products they’re looking at, from the country they are in, is pretty important. So, once you’ve told the app where you live, you can flick your way through the collections, offers and other cool media and then go to a store and buy whatever you’ve seen that you like. This could make shopping trips far more efficient. More than anything its the way that this app is put together that will keep users coming back to it. Its simple, clear, fun and functional  – not to mention completely free. Download now from here