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Schedule appointments from within messaging apps using Sunrise’s new Meet keyboard

Put an end to switching between messaging apps and calendars with the Meet keyboard

Switching between messaging and calendar apps to organise a meeting can be a pain. So is the necessity for ping-pong emails to decide on a time that’s suitable for both parties. The ingenious new Meet keyboard solves both problems, making it quicker to arrange one-on-one meetings on your phone. The keyboard is included with Microsoft’s free Sunrise Calendar app.

With Meet keyboard set up, whenever you’re making plans via WhatsApp or even by email, you only have to select the bottom right keyboard icon and it will replace your keyboard with a mini calendar. You can then choose a selection of free time slots, without having to leave the conversation. When the link is opened by the recipient they get to select a convenient time. The meeting will then be added to your calendar (and theirs if they use Sunrise). It’s that simple.

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1. Open Sunrise Calendar

There’s no need to download the Meet keyboard separately, since it’s included with the Sunrise Calendar app – so either download that or update the already installed app to the latest version. If you haven’t used Sunrise before, you’ll need to sign in via Facebook, Google or e-mail.



2. Discover Meet keyboard

After adding one or more calendar accounts, if you’ve never used Sunrise before, you’ll arrive at the main calendar screen. A ‘Discover our Meet keyboard’ prompt should appear at the bottom; tap it to watch a short video about how Meet works and what its advantages are.



3. Enable the keyboard

Once the video has ended, you’ll get a prompt to ‘Get started with Meet’. To use the keyboard, you’ll first need to enable it via the system language settings. Tap the Open language settings button, toggle the Sunrise Keyboard option to ‘on’ and tap OK.



4. A test message

You’re then invited to create your first Meet, which is just a test message. Choose some time slots from the mini calendar, then tap the tick to confirm. Tap the link to preview what the recipient sees, then choose a time and confirm to set up the meeting.



5. Location and duration

You can now access the Sunrise keyboard while writing any email or message – just tap the bottom-right keyboard icon and enable it. Before choosing time slots, you can use the icons on the left of the mini calendar to select a location and set the duration.



6. Choose time slots

As in the test example, you can now select some free time slots for the meeting from the mini calendar. Tap the tick to confirm and a link will be added to your message. The keyboard will automatically switch back to the default so you can add extra text.



7. Up to the recipient

If the recipient uses Sunrise Calendar (the mobile app or desktop web portal), your link will take them to it and show your suggested meeting times within it. If they don’t use it, the times will appear on a webpage. Either way, they need to select a time and confirm.



8. Notified and confirmed

Once the recipient chooses a time from the selection you sent them, a notification will be sent to you that the meeting has been confirmed at the selected time. Tap on this to see the meeting within your Sunrise Calendar app, where it has automatically been added.