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How to use Pages to make a gift certificate – Tutorial

Use Pages certificate templates to create a bespoke gift

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a home-made gift and there is nothing easier (or more cost effective) than making a certificate in Pages. By selecting one of the two beautifully designed templates, you’re already halfway there. All you need to do is edit the text to make it personal to you. Of course, Pages is capable of allowing you to be far more creative than that, so why not try adding images and/or shapes to make something that goes beyond the templates and is much more personal to you? Once you’re happy with your design, go that extra mile by printing it out and framing it – or if it’s for someone far away, it’s the perfect thing to email.

1: Choose a template
Select ‘Certificates’ from the left-hand panel within the template chooser. There are two templates to choose from.

2: Delete
Delete the text that you want to remove by dragging the cursor across so it is highlighted in blue and then pressing Delete.

3: Editing
Edit the text that you want to keep to make it relevant to you. You can make the text larger or smaller from the toolbar at the top of the interface.

4: Adding images
To add a personal touch to your gift, add an image. Go to the Media icon and select Photos. Refine your search by choosing from an Event.

5: Drag and drop
Select the image you want to use, then hold down the cursor and drag it onto the page, then release. Resize the image to the correct proportions.

6: Mask with Shape
To mask off your photo using a shape, go to the ‘Format’ drop-down menu and select ‘Mask with Shape’. Then select ‘Star’.

7: Edit Mask
Move the photo until you get the required focal area into view (the masked area will be slightly transparent). Slide the bar to make the image bigger.

8: Make mask bigger
To make the shape bigger, click on the outline and drag one of the corner points outwards until you get the desired size (the image will remain constant).

9: Inspector
Use the Shape Inspector to get creative. Add a textured line to the frame and add a reflection or drop shadow.

Click Image to Enlarge