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Use Greenify to stop apps from running in the background

Greenify is the best root app for Android. It prevents apps from running in the background and can prolong your battery life, stop apps using your data allowance and free up memory for other tasks. Here's how to use it

How often do you recharge your Android smartphone or tablet? Daily? Twice-daily? Do you need to keep it docked to maintain the charge for when you head out?

If so, the chances are you have a few apps that are causing problems by working in the background when they should really be resting. The resulting network connections can drain your battery in just a couple of hours, something that can prove both inconvenient and needlessly costly over time.

While you can disable apps and even switch your phone to airplane mode, these are manual actions – ones that you might forget if busy or driving.

With Greenify, however, you can instruct Android to block apps from running in the background, not by closing them but instead hibernating them.

Greenify requires your Android hardware to be rooted, and basically draws a line in the sand to stop apps from draining your resources – after all, there’s really no need for it to happen. Unlike other app-stopping utilities, the secret of Greenify’s success is in the hibernation of the resource-draining apps. This is in contrast to the cat-and-mouse stop-start-stop that can occur with some (resulting in additional battery use), and unlike TitaniumBackup Pro’s freeze feature, you can continue using a hibernated app in Greenify.

While not ideal for alarm clocks or messaging apps, Greenify is a superb, lightweight solution to battery draining apps.

  1. greenify1

    A Simple User Interface

    The most effective apps are simple to use, and Greenify is no different. The first screen will list your Hibernated apps, but of course on first run this will be empty. To add an app to the list, tap the + button to display a list of all apps.

  2. greenify2

    The App Analyzer

    The screen listing your apps is the App Analyzer, where you will see your apps grouped into categories such as Running in background, Scheduled running and May slow down the device. If the app you wish to hibernate isn’t listed, tap More or use Search (top-right corner).

  3. greenify3

    Browse the app list

    The Search button returns you to the Home screen where you can find the app you wish to add to Greenify using the App Picker tool. You can also browse through the app list, tapping the App Picker button in the Notification Area when the app is running.

  4. greenify4

    Select Multiple Apps to Hibernate

    In the App Analyzer you can simultaneously hibernate multiple apps by selecting each in turn. Just as easily, you can select a single app. To apply Greenify’s hibernation magic, tap the tick button in the top-right corner. Greenify will inform you that the app is being hibernated.

  5. greenify5

    Managing the Hibernated List

    As you hibernate resource-hogging apps, they will be added to the Hibernated list, the first screen you encounter when running the app. This vital screen enables you to launch hibernated apps by tapping Play; similarly you can put them back to sleep using the Zzz button.

  6. greenify6

    Which Apps Should You Hibernate?

    The App Analyzer list can prove a little tricky to handle, especially if you don’t know which apps are draining your battery. Apps listed as Running in background should be your priority as these will be using up resources. You should only hibernate those you don’t need regularly, however.

  7. greenify7

    Scheduled Running Apps Drain Battery

    Apps listed under Scheduled running, meanwhile, can perhaps be the most dangerous. If there is no need that you can see for an app to run on a scheduled basis, then you should consider hibernating it so that it is only activated when you permit it.

  8. greenify8

    Some Apps Slow Android

    Any apps listed under the May slow down the device heading are those that rely on particular events causing them to launch. These are resource-heavy apps that should only be used in certain scenarios – again, this list should be short, focusing on regularly used apps such as backup tools.

  9. greenify9

    Hibernate Apps, Save Your Battery

    Battery performance can be improved using Greenify, and apps that you have hibernated are easily “woken up.” For added control, you can use the Disable auto-hibernation menu option to prevent hibernation of any apps.Once apps are Greenify-ed, you should notice an immediate improvement in battery life and network bandwidth!