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Use Greenify to save your Android’s battery

Hbernate background apps so they don't waste your battery

One of the realities for Android ownership is that when you have a lot of applications installed on your device, it can adversely affect both battery life and overall device performance. The simple reason for this is that even when you are not using an app in the foreground, there may be background services running or the app and itssoftware may be active in the background.

If you have a rooted phone, Greenify can be used to cleverly resolves this issue by completely hibernating background apps so that they no longer consume any resources. Here’s how to use it:


  1. bighack-greenify1 copy

    Download and Install Greenify on your device

    Greenify can be installed via the Play store. The application is a free download, however a donation version is also available (priced at £1.99/$2.99) that activates additional experimental features. Greenify does work on non-rooted devices, but works best when rooted with Xposed installed.

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    Activate and configure optional features

    After downloading Greenify to your device, you should also load the Xposed configuration
    page and enable the Greenify Xposed module before rebooting. In the Greenify app itself a number of advanced options are available for features such as keeping notifications for hibernated apps and GCM wakeup.

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    Hibernate background applications

    In the bottom-left of Greenify you’ll see a ‘+’. Pressing this will bring up a list of apps running in the background. A number of these will be apps you want to leave alone, but for apps you clearly don’t need, just click their entry and tap the tick button to enable hibernation. A button is also available to hide chosen apps from the list.