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How to use Candybar to apply icons to all apps automatically

Add icons to all your apps automatically with Candybar, including locked Mac App Store apps like iPhoto and iMovie

Following on from the Mac icon project’s recent design for iPhoto, a few users had issues applying the icon to Apple’s app using Candybar. The problem only arises for apps that have been downloaded from the Mac App Store, as these apps are more locked down to comply with Apple’s terms. Ultimately this means that dragging and dropping app icons onto the relevant apps simply won’t work. However, there is a workaround, and it not only lets you alter the icons for locked apps, it will also speed up the icon application process considerably.

Candybar: Apply icons to their apps automatically

Step 11. Drag and drop

For most apps, dragging and dropping the icon from the icon drawer at the bottom onto its relevant app will suffice, but it is a time-consuming process for regular changes.

Step 22. Get Info

In order to change this, you’ll need to tell each icon the app to which it corresponds. To do this, double-click an icon in the drawer, or right-click it and select Get Info from the menu.

Step 33. Choose the app

For applications like iPhoto, use the drop-down box at the bottom of the Info panel to select the related app from the Applications folder. Type a single letter to jump through the list more quickly.

Step 44. System icons

For system icons, the technique is slightly different. Use the Category drop-down box to select the area, then choose from the Icon drop-down menu to find the one you’re looking for.

Step 55. Apply quickly

When you’ve done this with all the apps, you can use the Use These Icons button to quickly apply them all to their relevant apps. It only takes a second, and works even for locked apps.