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Use 8tracks to stream music to Android

Create your own radio station and stream your favourite songs to your Android phone.

8tracks Handcrafted Internet Radio Logo

Remember the mixtape? If you’re of a certain age you’ll fondly recall pressing ‘Record’ whenever a track came on the radio or when you bought a 7-inch single so you could share it with others.

8tracks is a service that invokes the spirit of the mixtape by providing ‘curated’ playlists of music, with each list containing eight tracks revolving around a certain genre. Whether you prefer indie rock or dubstep, there’s something for everyone – plus you can ‘like’ mixes that you may want to check out in the future. If you prefer music chosen by humans instead of algorithms, it’s perfect.

  1. Sign In, Tune Out

    When you first open 8tracks you’ll need to tap ‘Sign up’ to create an account. This allows you to personalise the app, ‘like’ playlists and tracks and share them with others. Alternatively, tap ‘Take me to the music’ to use 8tracks with reduced functionality.

  2. Take your pick

    The main screen lists the most recent playlists available. Scroll through and tap one to start playing it. Alternatively, press your phone’s menu key to access the search field, where you can look for specific artists or genres that interest you.

  3. Listen while you work

    The playlist screen gives you the option to ‘tag’ it with relevant keywords, ‘like’ or ‘share’ it and move on to the next mix. Use the menu key to exit 8tracks completely; pressing the Home button will leave it playing in the background.

  4. Back on track

    If you heard a song you really liked and want to listen again, tap the list icon in the top right corner. This brings up a list of tracks you’ve already listened to so you can replay them again and again.