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Unlock Hidden Netflix Movies

The next time you’re struggling to find something on Netflix, consider this: there are thousands of movies and TV boxsets you can’t see because of where you live. With the right app, it’s possible to get around these restrictions (if you don’t mind breaching the site’s terms and conditions).

You’ll have access to a wealth of new content: Mad Men and Family Guy in the US, for example, plus all the latest blockbusters that Sky keeps for itself in the UK. Unblock-US is one of the best tools for the job, making your device appear to be located in a country of your choice.

1. Changing DNS settings

unblock-us-step-01Once you’ve signed up for a free trial at, follow the online guide to download the Windows or Mac set-up app, or reconfigure your computer’s DNS settings as instructed. You might have to reset both your computer and your router before the new settings take effect.

2. Verify the connection

unblock-us-step-02Everything is handled via the Unblock-US website (which uses your email address for verification) so there are no settings screens to work through or software applications you have to install after the initial setup. On the Unblock-US home page you will see three green bars when you’re successfully connected.

3. Choose your country

unblock-us-step-03After that you simply need to pick what part of the world you want to appear to be from: 22 different countries are supported and the check box underneath lets you turn on Netflix captions if you’re not confident of being able to understand everything that’s being said on the screen.

4. Enjoy the content

unblock-us-step-04The final step: get watching. You should find your Netflix account repopulated with all kinds of good material you haven’t come across before, though you can still use the same account and Netflix will keep hold of your viewing history for the shows you’ve been watching previously.