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UK mobile network launched to help protect kids from cyber bullying, controlled by parents

Is Bemilo the UK's safest mobile network? Read on to find out more.

A new UK mobile network has been launched giving parents full control over their child’s mobile service.

Bemilo works in the same way as any other network, with calls, SMS and data purchased as part of a competitive pay as you go plan.

Bemilo has been designed to be fully managed by parents and used by children. Parents will be able to review incoming SMS messages, monitor phone calls and limit how their child uses their data.

A recent poll conducted by Bemilo of over 2,000 parents suggested that 25 percent of children have been bullied through their mobile phone, and 80 percent of parents think their network operator doesn’t provide them with the controls needed to protect their child’s account.

Simon Goff, Founder & Chairman Bemilo said: “Mobile bullies can’t trick our system. Bemilo’s product is committed to putting an end to mobile bullying. Parents are able to review the content of all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, even if the child has deleted the information from its phone. Bemilo can also bypass withheld numbers, disallowing bullies from contacting a child if they are not set up as an approved contact. Likewise, if a parent contacts the child from a withheld number, our technology ensures the number will always get through.”

The Bemilo service is available fro, or from The Carphone Warehouse from the 28th of May onwards.