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Ubuntu on Tablets announced, phone docking planned?

The Ubuntu for Phones announcement has been quickly followed up by Ubuntu on Tablets, the image for which will be making an appearance tomorrow

Phone Canonical

The January 2nd event at Canonical HQ that announced the Ubuntu Phone was known far in advance, with barely cryptic emails being sent out to the tech press a month in advance that had the rumour mill churning. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that yesterday, out of the blue, we got an email with the first official confirmation that Ubuntu for tablets was real.

Phone Canonical
The interface bridges the gap between the phone and desktop Unity

While Mark Shuttleworth had hinted at it in the press part of the Ubuntu for Phones unveiling that the tablet would be a real thing, it had never been officially announced by Canonical. So far, only images and video of the interface itself have been released, and it shows a hybrid of the Phone and Desktop interface. Using multi-tasking and multiple windows, the tablet skews a lot more to the side of the desktop in functionality, but with the phones aesthetics.

We interview Shuttleworth for an upcoming issue of Linux User & Developer, and asked him about the possibility of phone/tablet docks. “Absolutely,” he said “When you look at something like the Asus Padfone, where you can put the phone device in a socket to then enlarge it to the glass of the tablet, you can imagine doing the same with a tablet or a Laptop or a PC”.

No hardware has been shown running it just yet, but images will be made available tomorrow along with the phone images. Currently, Canonical suggests using the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 to test out the tablets. Check back to Linux User tomorrow for links and information on how to start installing it to your tablet.