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Twonky Beam review

Beam your favourite videos directly to your television with Twonky Beam. But is it worth a download?

Twonky banner

Your smartphone is capable of a lot of things, and the apps you choose to download can increase the functionality of your device even further. Twonky Beam is one app that takes the functionality of an Android device, and aims to attempt something completely different.

The app acts as a beaming service, allowing you to instantaneously send videos you watch through the Twonky app, directly to your TV. Upon opening the app for the first time, there’s a tutorial that will give you the insight in to how the app works, and is definitely worth following.

The home screen is filled with various sites which offer video content. Some sites are more recognised than others, but all include a decent amount of media content on them. Some video content on certain sites will only work in certain countries, and one or two required payment to view some videos.

Once you’ve selected a video, a beam icon will appear if the video is compatible with your TV. After pressing the button, the beaming process will begin, and you should find the video loads directly on to your TV. This process had distinctly mixed responses and not all were good. Some videos took a while to appear on our TV and took a while to load. Certain videos appeared distorted and out of sync, and some just didn’t appear altogether.

The idea behind Twonky Beam is fantastic, and in general it acts as a great way of linking your TV and phone together, but it does require a lot of tweaking as there are several flaws buried within it. Some aspects of the beaming action need to be improved, and the shoddy quality of some videos needs to be addressed before we can highly recommend this app.