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Twiddling our thumbs

  So, after all the excitement of the announcements on Monday we’ve now got to sit about and wait for everything to become available. Here’s what we’re looking forward to most:

iPhone – Obviously


Its not the 3G capabilities that are going to make this device extremely successful, its the brilliantly low new price (who can argue with £100?) and of course the App Store…

The App Store


This is where all the action is going to happen. iPhone users will be able to get all of the new games, productivity tools ad other cool things through here. Those apps that are under 10MB in size will be able to be downloaded directly onto the phone, the bigger ones will have to be done through iTunes. We’ve heard on the grape vine that as many as 70% of the applications on the store will be free! There is an upper ceiling on the size of apps, they can be no bigger than 2GB.

Best of the Apps?


Super Monkey Ball is  one of the best looking apps so far announced and of course with it being controlled by the accelerometer its even cooler. There will be over 100 levels to choose from and four monkeys  to  use.

And finally…. Mobile Me


This is the replacement for .Mac and this re-branding is an attempt to get those iPhone users who are still  tied to their Windows Machines to get involved in the email account business without wanting to be associated with Macs. We didn’t see that much of it at the keynote but as soon as we can we’ll have a proper look at it in the magazine as we  will with all the new releases. So excited…