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Tutorial: Share files from your desktop to MobileMe

Access your files anywhere by copying them to your iDisk from your Mac desktop

Picture 5Access your files anywhere by copying them to your iDisk from your Mac desktop

MobileMe is an excellent service when you want to publish your iWeb websites, host movies or sync your contacts, calendars and emails. But it doesn’t stop there. Along with all the great features of MobileMe is the iDisk feature, which provides a chunk of online storage for every user. While some of this space is used up by your MobileMe photo and movie galleries, plus emails and iWeb projects, you’ll still have a decent amount left for file sharing. This can be performed straight from your desktop, assuming you have an internet connection. The beauty of transferring files in this way is that, once they have been loaded on your iDisk, you can access them from any computer with web access by logging on to In this tutorial we’ll show you how to access your iDisk from your desktop so you can reach your files anywhere.

Picture 1

1: Access the iDisk
Start by launching a new Finder window by clicking the Macintosh HD icon
on your desktop, or clicking the Finder icon in the Dock. You will notice there’s
an iDisk icon under Devices if you have an active MobileMe account. Click it.

Picture 2

2: Just another window
Your iDisk will now open up like a regular Finder window, except it will show
you the contents of your iDisk on Apple’s remote servers. From this window
you can browse the folders and copy files to your Mac.

Picture 3

3: Send to the cloud
Pick out the folder you want to copy your files to and then simply drag-and-
drop the file onto it as you would with any other location on your Mac. The
file will now copy to the folder on your iDisk.

Picture 4

4: Access anywhere
If you now head to and log in with your MobileMe details, you
will be able to access your file from the iDisk section. This can be opened by
clicking the blue iDisk icon at the top of the MobileMe page.