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Tutorial – Save a Pages Document in Word Format

It’s easy to share your Pages documents with others, even if they happen to be using Microsoft Windows or Word.

IntroRegardless of where you stand on the Mac-versus-PC debate, you’re unlikely to put an end to the discussion. We have to face facts: some people will always use Macs and the rest will use PCs. This age-old squabble doesn’t have to get in the way of sharing, however, with more and more cross-platform applications available and increasingly friendly methods of communication on both systems. When it comes to page layout and word processing, however, there have always been some serious issues. Of course, plain text documents read as well on any computer, but when it comes to the smooth designs found in Pages templates or even beautiful formatting in its written documents, things sometimes go awry. In this tutorial we will show you how to not only save a Pages document in a Word-friendly format, but also explain how you can speed up the process by dropping your file into an email ready to impress your PC-using friends with your bi-partisan methods.

 Tutorial: Save a Pages Document in Microsoft Word Format


Step 1: Prepare Your Project

If you’ve just created a new project and haven’t yet saved it to your computer, head up to the File menu and select Save… to see your options.

Step 2Step 2: Make A Copy

Name your document as something memorable and then check the box labelled ‘Save copy as’. Make sure you select Word Document from the drop-down menu to save your file in the location specified.

Step 3Step 3: Exporting

If you are trying to save a current Pages file as a Word document, the Save… option won’t be available. Instead, head up to the File menu and choose Export… to create a duplicate of this document in a Microsoft Word format.

Step 4Step 4: Export Options

You should now see a selection of options for your export, including PDF and ePub, but if you just want a Microsoft Word format choose it here. You will then need to name your file and choose a location to export it to as normal.

Step 5: Speedier Sharing

For an even faster way to share a document compatible with Word you can email it directly. Simply select Send Via Mail from the Share menu and choose Word. This will automatically add a Word format file to a new email.