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Tutorial: Organise household tasks with Keynote

Get all the family pulling their weight with a simple presentation

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Main ImageGetting your family to help out with the household chores, and getting them to do them right, is a chore in itself. Inspire your whole family to get involved with housework and make sure that the jobs that need to be done get done correctly by creating a bright, fun presentation in Keynote. You can make it as simple, fun and light-hearted or as in-depth as you like with added effects and transitions to keep their attention focused, plus you can add extra comments whenever you need to. When you’re happy with your finished work, you can email it to your family or upload it onto so there is no excuse for not doing the jobs properly. Alternatively, print it out and keep it pinned to a board in your kitchen for everyone to see and as a constant reminder.

Step 1

1: Choose a template
Open Keynote and select a template. We’ve chosen a bright, fun template which will hopefully attract children’s attention.

Step 2

2: Opener
The opening slide already has placeholder text. Just click the mouse onto the boxes, select the text and type to replace it.

3: New
Add the next slide by heading up to the ‘+’ icon at the top-left corner of the interface and click. Or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+N.

Step 4

4: Masters
From the Masters drop-down menu at the top of the interface, choose a design for the next slide. We’ve chosen Title & Bullets.

5: Allocation
Add bullets for each area of the house and allocate a person for each area. To make it fair you could devise a rotation system.

Step 6

6: Add more slides
Now add a new slide for each area of the house. Make it more interesting by repeating the last step and using different slides.

Step 7

7: Instructions
Keep the instructions clear, concise and in bullet- point style. That way things won’t get forgotten. Try adding images to make it look more engaging

Step 8

8: Effects
Repeat the last step for each area of the house. Use the Slide Inspector to add effects such as transitions between slides.

Step 9

9: Share
To make sure that all your family have access to your presentation, either email it to them as a PDF or Keynote presentation, or upload it to

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