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Tutorial: Merge contacts & SMS services

The contacts list has long been a tired and dreary place, a database of names and numbers.

merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

However, Contacts Plus is attempting to change all that with a fresh new take on the contacts book. It features a photo orientated phone book in which you can quickly identify your friends and family with the best (or worst!) photo you have of them. It also allows you to sync all your e-mail and telephone contacts in one app so you don’t have to hop between lists. It’s not just an elaborate phone book either. The app also provides a messaging service and the ability to call back after a missed call, packaging pretty much all your communication needs into one app. We’ve identified the most important features of Contacts Plus to show you how to get the most out of this attractive, multi-purpose address book.

merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

1. Add your contacts

After downloading the Contacts Plus app, you will be prompted to add all your contacts. After doing so, they will all appear in one block such as this. As you use the app, your most popular contacts rise up the list, although you can reverse this.


merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

2. Add photos

There are several options for adding particular photos to your contacts. All of them begin by going onto a specific contact’s page and pressing the small camera icon on the right. This gives you the choice of choosing a picture from your Gallery or your contact’s Facebook profile picture.


merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

3. Personalise your contacts

Once you’ve added your contacts, there are several ways you can personalise your interactions. The app allows you to set an individual ringtone for that person or sync up their data with another, connected person by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner.


merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

4. Split your list

By clicking the ‘All Contacts’ button near the top of the app you can customise the way your contacts are listed as well as group them by their relationship to you. This is particularly handy for sending out group e-mails from your phone.


merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

5. Shortcuts to conversations

Pressing and holding one of your contact’s icon circles will bring up the below screen. Slide your finger to one of the options when you can instantly bring up the option to call, text or email them, without having to click through to the contact page.


merge, contacts, SMS, Contacts Plus

6. Text from the app

Contacts Plus also offers you the chance to text people from within the app. Be warned, however, that setting the app’s messaging capability as your phone’s default messaging option loses you a few texting functions. However, if you are simply texting then it is perfectly fine to use.