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Tutorial: Learn about the ClickToFlash Safari

Discover ClickToFlash, a clever Safari extension that gives you control over embedded Adobe Flash elements. Your browsing experience will become faster and free of those pesky Flash-based adverts.

Like all modern browsers, Apple’s Safari allows for the development of third-party software in order to extend its abilities. Among these so- called plug-ins, ClickToFlash is an interesting addition that relates to both the browsing experience and the blocking of adverts. Indeed, with the release of Safari and the official support for third-party extensions, surfing the web with this excellent browser has reached a new level. Although the modern media that is the web is cool, it has also brought about the nasty trend of websites becoming cluttered with adverts and irrelevant content. One of the main vectors for this nonsense is the ubiquitous Adobe Flash component. For the regular web surfer, it can become vital to regain control over the irritating and omnipresent features of many websites. Enter ClickToFlash, a Safari extension that improves productivity and browser stability, reduces processor temperature, and extends laptop battery life.

1: Locate the extension
In the Safari menu, select Safari Extensions Gallery. From Apple’s selection of plug-ins, scroll down to the Productivity section to find ClickToFlash.

2: Download ClickToFlash

In the ClickToFlash section, click ‘Install Now’. Once completed, a green tick box with ‘Installed’ will appear at the bottom of the ClickToFlash section.

3: Enable-Disable ClickToFlash

Select the Safari menu and choose ‘Preferences’. Click the Extensions tab, find ClickToFlash, tick/un- tick the Enable ClickToFlash checkbox.

4: How does it work?

Once ClickToFlash is activated, no Flash advert or content is displayed. It’s replaced by a grey area in the webpage on which the Flash word is embossed.

5: Un-block Flash content
To unblock Flash content, click anywhere in the grey backdrop replacing the ad or video. The webpage element will load, allowing you to watch it.

6: Get HD video
From Preferences choose to enable HD-quality videos. Tick ‘Look for video replacements to Flash’ in ‘Video Setting’ to load only these HD videos.

7: Create Whitelists
From the Whitelist section of Preferences, add entries to a list of sources and locations from which you wish to allow/ disallow Flash content to play.

8: Use the contextual menu.
In Preferences, the Contextual Menu Items section presents you with the ability to access short cuts to the extensions via a right-click on the Flash content.

9: Get Auto-updates
Keep extensions up-to-date by selecting ‘Updates’ in the Safari Preferences Extensions pane. Tick the Install Updates Automatically checkbox.