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Tutorial: How to change the way iPhoto looks

How to transform the way your photos and your Mac are presented in just a couple of clicks

Apple is notoriously protective over the way its apps look and work, and it’s something that fans of the company appreciate and don’t really have a problem with. As a result, Apple generally don’t offer people the opportunity to change user interface elements, and when it does it’s pretty limited. There is some method to the madness though, as Apple want you to enjoy the experience no matter what and controlling the UI is an easy way to do so. iPhoto, however, is a little different. Apple understand that people may have different preferences when it comes to checking photos and that sometimes people don’t want the bells and whistles, and may prefer a different interface for viewing their pics. In the case of iPhoto, Apple has relinquished some control and allowed users access to a Preferences panel that will let them change a few details. It only takes a few clicks and you can hop from one background colour to another, get rid of shadows and backgrounds, as well as pull the reflections out of the Events view. Here is a quick guide…

1: Load it, head up

Load up your iPhoto Library and then head to the top menu and click on iPhoto. Now click on the Preferences option to see the Preferences window spring to life.

2: Go for looks

Now click on the second tab along the top bar of iPhoto’s Preferences called Appearance. Here you can access all of the options to alter the way the iPhoto user interface works and looks.

3: Get sliding

Use the Background slider in the middle of the Appearance window to change the colour from Black to White. The slider naturally allows for all the grey colours in between the two options.

4: Tick, untick, select, unselect

Use the tick boxes to make other changes to the interface. You can even change the size of the sidebar text by using the Source Text drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.

Click Image to Enlarge: