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Tutorial: How to add photo effects on iPhoto for iPad

Use iPhoto’s new selection of intuitive effects and filters to give your images a makeover

iPhoto for Mac has never been a serious photo editor, and serves more as a way of making small tweaks to your shots, organising them, and sharing them with your friends and family. Editing colours was always possible, and there are some effects that you can add, but iPhoto for iPad takes the idea and runs with it, creating some great new ways to edit.

There are some really powerful tools here, all updated with multi-touch controls to allow you to add effects quickly and edit the way they look. There is everything from artistic effects that transform your shot into a watercolour painting, to variable Black & White options, including one-tap vignette and sepia options.

All these settings can be copied, so if you find a setting that you love, you can add it to a number of photos. As you build up effects, brushes and filters you can even save combinations you create and apply them to other snaps. It is perfect if you want a whole album to look the same without any added fuss.

1: Swatches

Tap the Effects button in the bottom-left and a Swatch Book will fold up from the bottom of the screen, allowing you to choose one of the effect types.

2: Choices

Some of the choices have extra options, such as vignette effects. These can be added or removed by simply tapping the button on the right of the swatch.

3: Vignette

Once you’ve applied the vignette, you can alter it with a mutli-touch gesture. Place two fingers on the screen and pinch to increase or decrease the effect.

4: Blur

If you apply the Blur setting in one of the swatches, you can alter this one with two fingers as well. Pinch to increase or decrease the size of the focus area.

5: Duotone

The Duotone option allows you to alter the colour tone in the image, which is great for changing the feeling of a shot. On the right is a button for alterations.

6: Copy Effect

If you’ve created an effect you want to use on a range of shots, you can use the cog button in the bottom- right to choose the Copy Effect option and apply later.

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