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Tutorial: Exploit iPhoto’s Boost Color tool

Colour is one of the most important elements within your photos. If you’ve shot a stream of snaps that are dull and lifeless, don’t give up hope as we show you how to save them using iPhoto’s Boost Color tool

Tutorial1“What’s wrong with my camera?” may be your urgent cry of despair as you look through your flicks on iPhoto. Not every camera is perfect, sometimes it’s a case of a bad workman blaming his tools, but let’s blame the technology. So you’ve just uploaded a catalogue of frames into your app and what you were expecting isn’t the dull and drab images that now stare back at you. But don’t despair – there is hope. Thankfully the iPhoto app has one ready-made, colour- saving solution. In the Edit suite locate the icon listed as Effects, and in this tidy box of tricks you’ll see an option listed as Boost Color. By actioning it repeatedly your jaw will drop in amazement as the life springs back into your shots. Skin tones are no longer washed out but instead offer healthy glowing hues, and skies are cheerful rather than dreary and overcast.

Step by Step: Boost the colour in your snaps

Step11: Enter the Edit suite
Select an image from your Library, Events, Places or Faces and hit the Edit icon. With the image in the Edit suite plump for the Effects icon. To boost colour simply repeatedly click the Boost Color option.




2: Too far?

With each click and consequent boost in colour, you’ll notice the number shown in the Boost square on the Effects panel escalates. To decrease the colour hit the backwards arrow to reduce the effect.



3: A tweak or two here
If the Boost Color Effects panel doesn’t meet your needs or you wish to manually affect change, summon the Adjust panel. To boost colour simply drag the Saturation, Contrast and Exposure sliders to the right.



4: Copy and paste
Import a batch of dull shots into the Edit suite, select the Boost Color effect and summon the Adjust panel. Make subtle changes until you are satisfied, then select Copy. Move to the next image and hit Paste.