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Turn your iPhone into a professional camera (well, sort of)

The iPhone 4's camera is great. A wondrous 5-megapixel amateur photographer's dream. But if it's still not quite cutting it for you, check out our top 5 accessories to help your iPhone 4 compete with the pros.

The iPhone SLR Mount

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an absolute amateur, chances are that at that perfect photo opportunity you’ll be caught short without your flashy DSLR and you’ll be relying on your trusty iPhone to take its place. For the most part, the iPhone 4’s camera does the job, it’s got a fair amount of megapixels for a hi-res shot, the tap to focus function makes for some great depth of field, and the HDR option leaves you with some stunning photos. But what about when you want to take things up a notch? Here’s our top 5 picks of the best lenses, stands, and all manner of other gadgets to turn your iPhone 4 into a photographer’s favourite tool.

The iPhone SLR Mount
The iPhone SLR Mount - perfect for those last-minute photo opportunities

1. iPhone SLR Mount ($249.00,
If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking to lose a little bit of weight on that inevitable dash out of the house then you might chuck out your DSLR but leave a lens or two in your bag. But why not make use  of that crucial, weight-saving decision with an iPhone SLR Mount? Yep, that’s right, for a fairly hefty sum you can get your hands on an adapter that allows you to use your DSLRs expensive lenses on an equally expensive iPhone. What’s not to love? Just make sure you pick up the right model for your type of lenses…

2. iPhone Telephoto Lens ($35.00,
So maybe the SLR Mount is a little conspicuous if you’re not a pro with lenses lying around, that’s where this little number comes in. Aside from being significantly smaller than than a pricey, pro lens, the iPhone Telephoto Lens boasts an impressive 8x zoom. It’s a quantum leap in quality from the iPhone 4’s digital zoom and if you constantly find yourself compromising picture quality for that perfectly zoomed shot, then it might be worth a look, even if it does still look a little silly.

Gorillamobile for iPhone 4
Gorillamobile - it doesn't look like a Gorilla, but it's just as awesome

3. Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 (£34.95,
When Socrates once said “There is only one” he might not have been referring to the Gorillpod, but he probably should have been. Gorillapod stands are the go-to for anyone needing a flexible, light, and easy-to-use stand for their camera. Not only will it act as a tripod but its flexible construction means it’ll happily wrap itself round a tree branch, metal railing, or child’s arm (don’t really wrap it round a child’s arm) for that ultimate angle or shot. The best feature of the Gorillapod? They’ve now made one for the iPhone 4. Try it, never go back, thank us later.

4. Fisheye, Macro and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses ($20-40,
So the SLR mount and the iPhone telephoto lens were still a bit much for you? Well, these lenses scream subtlety. For a start the sleek white finish perfectly compliments that lovely new white iPhone you’ve bought, and their size means they’re not going to be poking anyone in the back of the head while you’re trying to frame that perfect ‘over the shoulder’ shot. There’s three to choose from, varying in price and effect, and with the Wide Angle/Macro lens starting at just $20, what’ve you got to lose? One small caveat though, the nice people at reckon that they wont work too well with the iPhone 4 unless you’ve got a case on it. But you wouldn’t be going without a case anyway, would you?

OWLE Bubo for iPhone 4
Again - not much like an Owl, but certainly more useful

5. OWLE Bubo recording rig for iPhone 4 ($169.95,
Once you’ve got still photos down and you’ve inevitably flicked the switch to enable your iPhone’s video mode, you’ll probably want to make your videos as good as they can be, right? That’s what the people who made the OWLE Bubo thought, and they definitely got it right. Using the case provided, pop your iPhone into this recording rig and you’ll already see a noticeable difference in your once shakey videos, with the weight of the rig helping to steady up your shots. Add to that the wide angle/macro lens screwed into the front of the rig and a natty little external microphone and you’ll be on your way to shooting your first feature length iPhone movie in no time.

So now the ball is in your court, we’ve shown you the tools to make your iPhone photos as good as the pros, now get out there and get shooting! Tweet us your best iPhone 4 shots for a chance to win some eternal glory and gratitude from the team. We’re @iCreateMagazine on Twitter, in case you didn’t know.