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Turn off Facebook’s in-app browser to use your preferred one

Not a fan of Facebook's browser? Here's how to disabe it and view links in Chrome or Firefox instead

When Facebook updated their Android app in 2014 with a new built-in browser for viewing links without leaving the app, it seemed like a really good idea. However, the problem is that the browser just isn’t efficient enough. When compared to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any of the other top-rated browsers for Android, the Facebook app browser is low on features, which makes using it quite a disappointing experience to use.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Essentially, things like bookmarking and browser security are features of a browser, whereas this browser is nothing more than a way to track what you’re interested in. Luckily enough though, we can undo Facebook’s work to stop News Feed links from opening with the built-in app and instead opening in the browser of your choice.

This tutorial first appeared in Android Magazine issue 48. For the latest Android reviews and in-depth tutorials, subscribe here.



  1. Open the main menu

    To acess the settings page, you will first need to open up the main menu. This looks the same on every version of Facebook, on your News Feed tap the trio of horizontal lines arranged in a block, located in the top-right hand corner of the app.

  2. Find your Settings

    The main menu gives you access to things like your full friends list, upcoming events, etc. Scroll down past all of this to find the Help & Settings section and then tap App Settings to be able to make the relevant changes.

  3. Enable external browser

    By default, the option ‘Always open links with external browser’ is cleared, meaning that the internal Facebook browser is used. To start opening links in your phone’s default browser (such as Chrome or Firefox), check this box and you’re done!