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Trial By Survival for Android review

We review the action packed Android RPG, Trial By Survival

Trial By Survival is a post-apocalypse RPG that sees you trying to survive in the wasteland after being cast away by your colony for crimes you’ve been accused of; with the only way to clear your name being for you to survive alone for 14 days.

When you first start out you’re giving just a handful of ammunition and items to use, luckily each area you come across includes various scavengable items that you can put to good use.

You can also scavenge from the bodies of dead players from all over the world, which is a great addition.

Each level also includes hordes of the undead, so you need to cleverly navigate your way around them without taking too much damage as replenishing your health is difficult.

As you progress you’ll start finding bits of currency which can be used to buy ammunition, upgraded weapons and health items.

Weapons break often and you’ll soon run out of ammunition, and if this happens when you’re being followed by a horde, then it’s pretty much game over. One of the coolest features we found was the perks that your character can have equipped to them.

They are pricey, and the currency you find is better spent on medicine and ammunition, but the perks can be helpful if you’re low on health and about to die.

What really makes Trial By Survival great is that it’s completely up to the player how the story unfolds. By visiting different areas through the map provided, you can explore different regions which are randomised each time you play.

If you make it to the end, the ending you’re shown is based around how well you survived alone and there are plenty of different ones on offer. This is without doubt not only one of the best Android games of 2013, so far, it’s definitely one of the best Android games we’ve ever played.