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Transport Tycoon for Android review

We review the classic Transport Tycoon game for Android

Since its PC debut over a decade ago, Transport Tycoon has seen several different iterations released.Its first release for Android is a homage to the original game, with a few added twists in to keep it feeling fresh.

The premise is simple, you need to construct, expand and maintain your very own fledgling transport company, with the main focus on getting cargo and passengers around the city safely and on time.

It’s easy to understand if you’ve played part of the series before, but the lack of a tutorial may leave new players puzzled as tackling the various options and menus available from the beginning can be a daunting task, to say the least.

The sheer level of detail the game goes into is fantastic, with players able to unlock, upgrade and experiment with new building materials to improve their transport system. At the same time you can explore possible expansions into different areas of the city and the type of transport system that would most benefit at that location.

You’ll also need to manage your own business, including its finances and workers, which is very time consuming, but is an integral part of the game.

Without careful management and a lot of scrutinising, your business can soon go bust and without the necessary funds to repair transport links, pay staff and general overheads, you’ll soon find the transport system you created is unusable and a restart of the game is required. It took us a few playthroughs to even get past the first few months of game time.

Although it isn’t a pick up and play title, and instead requires a lot of focus to keep your business from going under, Transport Tycoon will be best suited for those looking for a more grown up gaming experience and who have a few hours spare to really get stuck into this hidden Play Store gem.